In March the EINS GmbH received the approval for a support of a Horizon2020 project (instrument SME phase I) together with the partners Epyxs GmbH (Mannheim, DE) and Viaderna (Berghem, NL).
Finally, the last week the final signature occurred through the European Commission.

To the deadline 17. 12. 2014 a total of 2. 363 instruments SME phase I proposals were submitted throughout Europe. 320 projects lay in the assessment above the necessary point number.
81% of it (259 projects) were selected for a support.

ANDRUPOS stands for "Automatic Non-Destructive Recognition of Used Printing techniques On Substrates" and deals to the automatic and not destroying recognition of the printing technology with which a document has been generated. With digital printing technologies manufacturer (printer) and possibly also the printer model should be detected.

ANDRUPOS is promoted in Work programme topic DRS-17-2014-1: "Critical infrastruture protection topic 7", SME instrument topic: “Protection of Urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures“.

More information: Project Andrupos