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XibisOne Version 4.13 – the flexible online publishing system - now also with "responsive layout" for mobile devices !


XibisOne Version 4.13 – the flexible online publishing system


Today, websites must of course also be available for mobile devices.
However, information cannot be displayed immediately on mobile devices and on the PC.

In addition to the layout directive Responsive Design (with "mobile first"), XibisOne also supports the option of providing an additional domain only for mobile users (separate mobile website).

With Responsive Design / "mobile first", content can be displayed on different devices, but the layout is optimized for mobile devices.
Responsive Design means the automatic and dynamic adaptation of the content displayed on the website for mobile devices. The layout of the page is geared to the available size of the display, i.e. in addition to displaying the actual texts, images and videos, the navigation also adapts individually to the end device.
Alternatively, by setting up a further "mobile" domain in the XibisOne administration, pages and content can also be offered only for mobile devices (e.g. shorter texts, fewer images, etc.). The website operator can thus decide which page content is to be offered for which display.

With XibisOne V4.13 you have all options in your hand:

  • "Responsive Layout" to display content equally on different devices,
  • Using another "mobile" domain, parts can only be offered for mobile devices (e.g. shorter texts),
  • A website tailored for mobile users can be created in the same XibisOne system.
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